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The easiest way to characterize the non-formal education is to describe it as an educational process, lasting a lifetime. We can also define it as learning by doing and experiencing, discovering, and practicing. Through active participation, exchanging experiences, various training methods, eg. project tasks- participants develop their skills, competences, improve group skills. These shape the skills that they need, in a pleasant atmosphere, among peers, in an active way.

Traditionally we take into account only place instead of characteristics, but it is understood only as a system that covers activities that take place outside the school. Nothing could be further from the truth. Educational activities beyond the formal education system are different in many aspects. It is not difficult, however, to note a drastic difference in the approach of the students, the level of commitment and satisfaction with participation in the educational process. By actively participating in the experiment, they gain knowledge about themselves, at the same time engage all the senses, body and attention. Education is done so almost without our will. In addition, despite the acquired competencies and skills are also shaped the attitudes and social norms, which are nevertheless necessary in daily life.

Non-formal education ideally completes the process of formal education. Its allows you to grow, to go beyond the framework enforced by the past and the public, helps to shape your own belief and opinion. It gives an incredible dose of independent and creative thinking, which is a priority for potential employers. But most importantly- teaches us responsibility. Responsibility for ourselves and others, for the education and improving it. It shows  the cause and and effect relationship in the life of each of us, providing ideal situation to start packing your luggage experience.

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